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General Implementation plan for Integrated Resources Software

 Stages for the implementation of Integrated Resources are:

Stage 1 Order of the system

Purchase Order received by Integrated Solutions for the purchase of the system.
Copy of pre-installation guide is sent for completion (please find a copy attached)

Estimated Timescale 1 day

Stage 2 Pre-installation

 Completed Pre-Installation guide received by Integrated Solutions detailing:
A list of all the rooms, capacity and Layouts (electronic format)
A list of buildings (electronic format)
A list of all catering (electronic format)
A list of Audio Visual Equipment (electronic format)
A CSV or equivalent file of all the E-Mail users for the first import into the database.
A list of all cost codes or departmental codes (electronic format)

Dates for installation of Integrated Resources agreed.
 Request sent from Integrated Solutions for details of reports required from the system (customised reports are charged for)

Estimated Timescale 2 days from receipt of information

Stage 3 Installation of Integrated Resources software

Installation of the system on site (2 days)
Installation would typically cover:
Consultancy on installation options
Installation and configuration of the web server
Installation and configuration of the software on the SQL server
Installation and configuration IIs server
Details retrieved from the Pre-Installation guide are entered onto the system at this stage

Timescale 2 days

Stage 4 - Training

Training dates agreed/ arranged
Implementation of Training on site  (this would be administrator training for 2 people over 2 days)
Extra training can be also arranged at this stage

Timescale 2 days

Stage 5 - Testing phase

The testing phase should include parallel running to the paper diary system and the electronic system for about a week to make sure that you are comfortable with the system

Estimated Timescale 1 week

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