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Q. How long does it take to make a booking?

A. The system has been designed to ensure that it takes a maximum of 5 seconds to make a simple booking.  Bookings can be edited at a later date providing the user has the “ Access rights”

Q. What does Integrated Resources include?

A. Integrated Resources provides software modules to cater for Meeting and Conference Rooms, Catering, Audio Visual equipment, Parking slots, and Sports facilities – up to eight tabs.  Additional tabs are available upon on request.

Q. Can I view all room activity at any one time?

A. Yes, Individual “Tabs” may be configured to show all rooms at each site. It is possible to view all activity at each location individually.

Q. Can I make recurring bookings?

A. Yes, Integrated Resources allows you to make individual or block recurring bookings.

Q. Can each room have variable layouts?

A. Yes, various room layouts, and capacities, such as Theatre Style, Boardroom and others can be stored.

Q. How many concurrent users are allowed on Integrated Resources?

A. Integrated Resources has an unlimited User Site Licence, which means all users that have access to the system could be using the application at the same time.

Q. View only – how can that help me?

A.  Most companies like the idea of giving their users “view only” rights to Integrated Resources, or allow them to make provisional bookings only. The designated Administrators would then have the ability to confirm, change or move bookings accordingly.  This pre-empts the availability questions frequently asked.

Q. Is Integrated Resources web based?

A. Yes, this means that any employee working for a multi-site company can now view or request any resource that they have security rights to.

Q. Can booking confirmations be sent by e-mail?

A. Yes, generally the confirmation will be e-mailed directly to the host or contact.  You also have the ability to forward confirmations to the catering, AV contacts and videoconferencing contacts. Users of Outlook can receive automatic E-mail invitations for the booking, which once accepted will be added to the Outlook calendar.

Q. What will the Reports offer me?

A. The reporting tool produces Management information output in whichever format you require. Several reports are included in the initial installation, however there are options to add or change reports at any time.

Q. What if my PC crashes?

A.  Integrated Resource's database is stored on a server, even if your PC crashes, all historic and saved data will be secure. A common practice is to print the following days activity, providing an extra fail-safe.

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